Lip Makeup

Lip Makeup Collection: Lip gloss, Lip Tints, Lip Liners, and Lipsticks

Find the perfect lipstick for your lips with our extensive selection of lipsticks, lipstick glosses, lipstick liners, lip tints, and lip glosses. Whether you are looking for a bold lip color or a subtle lip tint, we have got you covered with all the products you need to finish your makeup look.


Take a look at our luxury lipstick collection. With a wide range of colors to choose from, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a bold red or a soft nude, we have got you covered. Our creamy and durable formulas will give you a flawless, long-lasting look that will last all day long. Whether you like a matte finish, a satin finish, or a glossy finish, you will find an intense color payoff that is comfortable to wear with any outfit.

Lip Gloss:

Prepare to be dazzled with our high-shine lip glosses. Add a touch of elegance to any outfit with our non-stick formulas that deliver a soft sheen while keeping your lips hydrated and nourished. Whether you are after a clear gloss to give your lips a natural glow or a shimmery gloss for extra shine, we have got something for everyone in our collection.

Lip Liner:

Use our precision lip liner to define and brighten your lips. Perfectly outline your lips and stop them from feathering. Our lip liners come in a range of shades that match our lipstick collection, so you can find the perfect shade for your lips. Use our lip liner to contour your lips, shape them, and fill them in for a flawless look. Our lip liner lasts all day and is easy to apply.

Lip Tint:

Lip tints are a great way to add a hint of color to your everyday look. Whether you are looking for a subtle pink or berry stain to brighten up your lips, our sheer lip tints are the perfect addition to your makeup routine. Our lip tints are lightweight, so you can wear them for a natural makeup look without any makeup on your lips. Our sheer lip tints provide a subtle wash of color to enhance your lips’ natural beauty. They also moisturize and nourish your lips, thanks to the botanical extracts they contain. Discover our lip makeup range and let your imagination run wild with endless ways to create lip looks that reflect your unique personality and style. Whether you are a makeup fanatic or a beauty novice, our wide variety of lip products guarantees there’s something for everyone at ThosaK!